Dr. Patrice Langlois

Specialized treatement of chronic pain

About the clinic and our treatments

Dr. Patrice Langlois has several years of practice in the treatment of chronic pain and he favours an adapted and specific approach to pain treatment

The whole way of life is taken into account in order to provide treatment adapted to the needs of the person. The clinic’s service offering includes a multimodal approach to comprehensive therapy involving a host of possible treatments adapted to each situation.

For the team at Dr Patrice Langlois clinic, several values are very important and openness is one of them You will always be treated without judgment and with honesty and fairness. Whatever your chronic pain situation, you'll be sure to get the straight goods on your situation.

Quick support for your chronic pains

To benefit from the services of Dr.Patrice Langlois' clinic, you must have been referred by your family doctor for chronic pain, for example. Once you have completed this step, you will then have quick access to services since there is no waiting list.

If your situation turns out to be an emergency, your case can be seen in less than two weeks. Accessibility and reduced wait times are part of the clinic’s DNA. We know how uncomfortable chronic pain is and are working hard to minimize wait times.


  • « I would like to thanks Dr. Patrice Langlois for his devotion and professionalism. I have been treated by Dr. Langlois since 2008.

    I developed chronic pain from a MVA in 1992. I was involved in 2 more MVA in 2010 and 2015 which aggravated my condition. I suffer pain, tension headaches and nausea. I was able to work until December 2018 under the good care of Dr. Langlois. I believe that the Botox/Xeomin injections and epidural blocs were very beneficial to maintain a quality of life and better manage my symptoms. »

    Carole Vary

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