About Dr. Langlois

Dr. Langlois

An anesthesiologist by training, Dr.Patrice Langlois directed his service to the public towards the treatment of chronic pain. First in a hospital setting and then gradually towards the private clinic where services could offer a more flexible and patient-friendly platform.

After 25 years of clinical exposure and various treatments, ranging from injections, analgesic prescriptions and therapeutic infusions, Dr.Patrice Langlois will evaluate your condition and will advise you on the various options available for managing pain, especially chronic pain.

Dr. Patrice Langlois has worked in various hospitals in Quebec. He began his career as an anaesthetist resident at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Québec, as an anaesthetist at the Gatineau Hospital and as head of the anesthesiology department at the Centre hospitalier Anna Laberge before operating since 2002 on her private chronic pain clinic.

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